Assalamualaikum dan welcome,

I'm Masliza Maaris, the head honco behind Triple Sprinkles, a mother of four and also a retired naval officer. After 10 years in the service,  I decided to be SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) to focus on my family especially to my little boy, Iman who has Williams Syndrome, a very rare genetic disorder.

Royal Malaysian Navy has taught me so much about loyalty, discipline and sacrifice. My career in the navy was the best period of my life. My 'Navy Life'  was an adventure. While it was challenging, I had a lot of oppurtunities. Honestly, I miss my job and my friends. And yes, I do miss sea and ships. But looking back, I have no regret because now, I have more time for my family. I love every minute of it.

Being a housewife gives me an opportunity to take baking classes, things that I wanted so badly and and lurve for so long. What started as an enjoyable experiment quickly became an obsession.  I then began baking cakes and desserts to share with my  family and friends. I decided to turn my hobby into a full-time business. Triple Sprinkles is run in my home kitchen in Sepangar Bay Naval Base, Kota Kinabalu.  For me,  Triple Sprinkles  is more than a humble home bakery business, it is also my 'baking project' which I can explore my potential and creativity.

Thanks for dropping by. And thank you for your support!

Masliza Maaris @ Triple Sprinkles

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