A madagascar cake for him

For the past one week, my 2nd son Arman kept telling me that we wanted a spiderman cake for his birthday. I had an idea to put  a spiderman edible image on a checkered cake. This is an oppurtunity to place a checkered cake in the menu. After all the preparation including buying a checkered cake pan set, a day before his birthday, Arman said he wanted a madagascar cake! plus figurines.

Mula-mula tu kan memang rasa geram kan, tapi bila fikir, kalau saya buat kek yang bukan dia suka, mesti kat sekolah dia tak happy. nanti spoil the mood kan.. mrmmm saya cuba lah jugak.

I googled various madagascar cake ideas, and i found one design that I love so much. Really saved my time because no need to do the whole body of each figurine. Credit to the original cake designer/decorator for this cake design. Thank you so much. 

Making heads of the characters was not an easy task. I did used toothpicks to attached the ears ( I also clearly explained to the teachers, do not simply give the heads to the kids). Since I just has only one night to prepare,I did not have enough time to dry the  figurines. When I put all the figurines together, some of the gel colors still sticky that was the hardest part.

It was 5am when i finally done with the cake. phew....

Seeing him so happy and so proud with the cake that his mom made.... priceless

Happy birthday Arman. Ibu love you soooooooooo much. Muahh!


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