A facelift without surgery

No, I am not talking about any scene of 'Nip Tuck' or anything that got to do with plastic surgery.

Huge thanks to Krafty Palette who did a great job in  transforming my old-sad-unattractive blog.  After a siries of sending-receiving emails with Ida (the owner/designer),  she finally came out with this new blog design. I love it sooooo much. It looks soooo sweet.

And the logo... well, I know many of you think it is a flower. hehheheh  it looks like a flower, but  THE LOGO IS ACTUALLY A CUPCAKE FROM THE TOP!  Yes, it requires a 3D imagination here. :)

This blog make me happy by looking at it every morning. Somehow, it has a spiritual connection with me. It reflects my personality. My sweet naughty personality... hehhehehe....kembang tekak kengkawan nanti.

Now, I can proudly say to my friends, 'hey, do visit my blog, yer' ... my sweet baking blog.


Raggedyanne said...

hi there. came here from krafty palette. Just wanna give some encouragement & lots of love to a new baker. I remembered how hard it was for me when I started 2 years ago, with zero knowledge & very little support, but a few good words from the more experienced online bakers left me in good spirit. Welcome Tripe Sprinkles! Regards, Anne from Liplickin'! Cupcakes :D :D :D

Ayin MM said...

Hi Raggedyanne,

Thanks for your support and encouragement. As a new baker, there are many other things I have to learn from 'senior' bakers like you. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Ida said...

Oh kak Anne from Liplickin has been my sole cake,cupcakes and such supplier. her cakes are to die for! only in Penang :D

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